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Winter 2013 Update

posted Feb 12, 2014, 11:22 AM by mcbundus consulting   [ updated Feb 17, 2014, 8:19 AM ]
Official meeting minutes have been updated to include Oct to Dec 2013 - find them in the Document Repository as usual.  I requested these minutes in January when I noticed I had not been receiving them, and Michelle quickly responded and provided them to me as well as a brief update on goings on at the park when I asked about rumours I had heard regarding our taxation situation:

"... I have been working all winter and apologize for not getting the approved minutes to you on a regular basis ...  As far as the taxes go ... the PRPA and the DLCD did come to an agreement on December 20, 2013.  The R.M. of Maple Bush is currently abating the taxes to reflect a change in the mill rate from 10.5% to 1.5%.  The DLCD will be paying a lease fee of $700 plus the 1.5% for 2013.  Going forward they will pay $775 in 2014 & 2015 and $800 in 2016 with a constant mill rate of 1.5%.  The PTC's can expect their lease to be very similar to this, although any changes will not be confirmed until the February 13th regular board meeting.  
Once I have all decisions from the board I will be updating the patrons through email as well as correspondence with the invoicing in March.  I have been working hard and have many plans for the Park this year.  I didn't want to send out correspondence too early before the 2014 season though.  
I have also been thinking about the signage.  I'm going to ask a couple different places to come up with a theme or color scheme or something for the Park.  We will be putting up the street blades this spring so the Park has street signs for emergency services.  Some time ago, street names were decided on and the signs were ordered but never put up.  Signs like these and other 'traffic' signs will be the normal urban design.  It's the campground/trailer park identification signs that we might want to have some uniformity to.  Those are the signs I would like the sign companies to offer some ideas on.  
I have been talking with SCRAP.  That is the government group handling the black gold rush regarding tire disposal.  The RM of Maple Bush is not on the pick up list for this year but the R.M. of Enfield (Central Butte) is.  I know you said that the PTC#3 was interested in assisting the Park with the removal of the tires at the boy scout camp.   
As well, I will be contacting Silver Star out of Moose Jaw to come to the Park in early spring and have a look at the scrap metal and see if they would be willing to come and pick it up and whether or not it would have to be moved to a central location or not.  I'm thinking about around the maintenance shop specifically and so I might have a work bee to handle that in early spring too.  I also had an idea that we could plant a vine that would grow up and around the compound's chain link fence so that PTC #3, and everyone else, doesn't have to look at the mess in there.  Again, this would be a work bee with Park Patron participation.  Just a couple ideas.

At the end of last season Myrna and I discussed the idea of collecting the recyclable drink containers in a central location and dedicating the funds to the purchase of an AED to be kept at the Marina Store.  I have been talking to Greg Vanloosen from the volunteer fire dept. in Riverhurst.  He is also a first responder and very active in the community regarding these things.  He has applied to receive another AED for the Rink in Riverhurst during the winter and for the Marina Store in the summer!!  yay! Greg.  I asked Greg if he thought we should be looking at a second water tank for the Park.  He said it would be a great idea to have a water tank at the main campground in case of fire.  Perhaps this is where the recycle money should be going.  Please let me know your thoughts.  
Speaking of fire and AED's - I will be compiling information to share with all park patrons and think a Safety section on the web site is a must.  I want remind people of many things:
  • we have two pay phones in the park as an alternative to cell phones ( we would list the locations, of course, and include a protocol of communication when calling 9-1-1)
  • there is a water tank located at the parking lot of the Park Office (Greg Vanloosen will be doing a demo on the Riverhurst Fire Truck and this water tank during the June clean up day that the cottage owners hold every year.  I have yet to talk with the DLCD but I'm hoping to gather park patrons for this clean up day and this demonstration.)
  • there is an AED at the swimming pool and at the golf course.  (I would also like to organize a demo of the AED that the life guards could put on for all park staff and park patrons. And hopefully we will add to the list of AED's by including the Marina Store location.)
 The Riverhurst Fire Department is holding the bar/dance on the Saturday of the August long again this year.  All profits go to the Fire Department.  The Park will put on the supper and all profits will go to the pool. "