This site is dedicated to the sharing of information relating to the governance of and issues affecting Palliser Regional Park on Lake Diefenbaker, near Riverhurst, SK.  It is hoped that the posting of this information helps the residents (which includes the permanent trailer lessees, seasonal site renters, business operators and cottage owners) understand the issues and decisions made during the year that affect the operation of the park.

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Mike Bundus
PRP Committee of the Board Member
Westhill Trailer Court (Permanent Trailer Court #3)

The Palliser Regional Park (PRP) Board Authoritydefined as the Park Manager/Administrator and the Regional Park Board, wanted to create an advisory body made up of park patrons that represent different areas of the Park to assist them with the operation and management of the park. The different areas the Board Authority defined to be part of this advisory body were the camp grounds, permanent trailer courts, and cottages in the park.  The PRP Committee of the Board was struck after a series of meetings between the Park Manager/Administrator, members of the Park Board Authority, and various representative groups from within the park during the month of July 2013, and the policy making it an official committee was passed by the Board Authority at the 10 Apr 2014 meeting. 

One of the main goals of the PRP Committee of the Board is to foster a sense of community within the park, which seems to be disappearing with every passing year. A secondary goal is to enable information sharing on a much wider scale than is currently in place. We're all in this together, and together we can make the park one of the best places to be during the ever-so-brief summer.

PRP Committee of the Board Structure
The intention is to have one representative from each area defined by the Board Authority.  The method of the appointment of an area representative is left to the patrons of each respective area to manage. This representative would become responsible to attend Committee of the Board meetings, where they would share patron concerns from their area and provide input on issues and decisions affecting their represented area(s) and the park as a whole.  They would also be responsible for disseminating information relevant to their area amongst the patrons they represent.  Suggested additional duties are listed following.

After a Committee of the Board meeting, a delegated representative from the committee will bring forward issues and concerns raised to the Park Manager/Administrator and/or schedule a delegation at an upcoming Board Authority meeting. The delegation would have no formal voting or decision-making rights at Board Authority meetings, but would be encouraged to represent the views of the Committee of the Board to the Board Authority while considering the best interests of the park as a whole.

Current members of the Committee of the Board are:

 Area  Representative
 Horseshoe Bay  Vacant
 Shady Lane  Vacant
 Sunshine Coulee  Vacant
 Marina Bay  Vacant
 Chokecherry Bay  Vacant
 Schooner Bay Bill Betts
 DLCD  Vacant
 PTC #1  Vacant
Sunset Ridge (PTC #2)  Kegan Summers
 Westhill (PTC #3)  Mike Bundus
Meadowlark Mesa  Carol Wilson
 Walleye Cove  Roberta De Gagne

There have been no meetings of the Committee of the Board to date, but there has been shared correspondence.  If you wish to become a member of the Committee of the Board, please contact the Park Office to discuss how you may accomplish this.

PRP Committee of the Board Member’s duties may include, but are not limited to:
  • gathering and maintaining contact information from the patrons in their area
  • organizing and chairing meetings for their area
  • making themselves available to hear concerns and issues from patrons they represent 
  • attending and/or organizing and chairing Committee of the Board meetings
  • sharing their contact information with the Board Authority, the Committee of the Board, and the patrons of the area represented
  • sharing pertinent information from the Board Authority and/or others with their representative area in a timely fashion 
Park Manager's duties as they pertain to the PRP Committee of the Board may include, but are not limited to:
  • gathering and maintaining contact information from the Committee of the Board members
  • reviewing and responding appropriately to any correspondence received from Committee of the Board members
  • sharing pertinent information from the Board Authority and/or others with the Committee of the Board in a timely fashion
  • providing the Committee of the Board members with the approved minutes from regular and/or special Board Authority meetings 
  • providing the Committee of the Board with rules, regulations, by-laws and any Acts or Regulations that pertain to Palliser Regional Park  
  • The Park Manager may report complaints to an area's representative so that the representative is aware of repeat issues reported from their area